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Make a decision on your vision | by Janet Mohapi-Banks

Everything starts with your decision.  The magic can’t be activated and the planets cannot align unless you decide upon what it is that you want.

What is the outcome?

What is the goal?

How do you want to feel when you get there?

Seeing it in your minds eye is an excellent way to get the ball rolling but, if every time you close your eyes the image is something different, you will never gain the momentum and power behind your visualisation to bring it into your reality.

If you’re constantly changing your mind about the type of client, number of clients, or amount of money you’re calling in, how will your subconscious mind and the reticular activating system within your brain know what to search for?

The reticular activating system’s (RAS) job is to bring to your attention that which you deem to be important.

If your indecision is making nothing important enough for the RAS to let it through to your conscious mind you will be missing all the opportunities that are available to your brain won’t bring attention to them.

Unless you are unshakeable in your decision on your vision, your manifestations will take a long time to come into your physical reality because it’s impossible to be vibrating at a frequency that matches your desires if you don’t know what those desires are.

It’s a little like going to a restaurant and ordering the steak. Then, as the waiter leaves the kitchen, you call them back and ask for the fish instead.  The chef stops preparing your steak and starts preparing your fish only to have the waiter tell them that you’ve changed your mind again and now you want the salad! 

That poor chef can’t give you what you want in a timely fashion because every time they make headway into bringing it to you, you ask them to start again with something new.

But indecision isn’t just detrimental on a metaphysical level, it’s very detrimental to your mental and physical health too.

When we’re stuck in a state of indecision it caused low-level stress that increases to high-level stress if the decision we need to make is important to us, our future, or our well-being. 

So hold the vision of your desires strongly. Be certain of them. Know that this has already been created in the energetic realms and all you have to do is to remain sure that this is already yours. 

When you can do that, the intuitive steps that you need to make to help to bring this into your reality come easily, but there will still be decisions to make along the way.

The most successful entrepreneurs and leaders make decisions quickly knowing that they can change their minds if the decision feels wrong. 

Your body sends you messages if you’ve chosen something that goes against your highest good that enables you to decide again.  For me personally, the feeling I get is a queasiness in my belly, and a bitterness in my mouth that doesn’t taste good indicating that what I’ve chosen isn’t for me.  It literally leaves a nasty taste in my mouth.

All decisions are made from one of two places: fear or purpose.

If you always make your decisions from a place of purpose and listen the messages from your body, you will always be working towards your highest good.

If you allow your ego and the programming of your upbringing to lead your choices, you will be making the decisions about your life based on fear.

You won’t make that investment because you’ll be scared of losing the money rather than seeing the benefit.

You won’t say what needs to be said because you fear the repercussions.

Making decision from a place of fear will keep you safe but it will not allow you to reach your fullest potential in life or business.

When making decisions it is important to keep in alignment with your goals and your values. Before taking any action on a decision that you have come to, ask yourself, “Is this is in my greatest good? Does this take me closer to my goal?”. If the answer is no, make a new decision.

Many people get stuck in weighing up the options of every decision. Taking this pragmatic view can be helpful sometimes if the decision is very important or cannot be reversed easily, but if you find that you are getting stuck and worrying about every possible outcome you will stop yourself from making any decision at all.

If this is the case give yourself a time limit to deliberate the options. When that time limit is up make a decision one way or the other.

Once you’ve made the choice, check in with your body and see how it feels. Do you feel the heaviness in the pit of your stomach? If you do, make a different choice and fully commit to it. Leave yourself no room to second guess yourself. Know that you’ve made a firm decision that is in your greatest good and stick with it.

By doing this, you will eliminate the stress of worrying as most of the stress you feel around decision making is the worry that you are doing the wrong thing. Have confidence in your conviction and see it through. Even if the direction that you’re heading in isn’t quite right, sometimes it is better to be moving in any direction than standing still where you are, paralysed by the fear of making a decision.

So, I ask again, what is it that you want?

What is the outcome?

What is the goal?

How do you want to feel when you get there?

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