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February has arrived bringing with it a truckload of chocolates, sentimental cards, hearts and basically anything pink and red, as shops and restaurants gear up for Valentine’s Day. It seems like a good time to talk about LOVE.

Now as much as I love talking about how Valentine’s Day has become commercialised and pressured to the point that love, the thing that cannot be bought, is; I won’t. We all have a choice in what we choose to buy into and I won’t sit here and judge others who love all elements of this day. I am, however, choosing to unwrap this love month, pull the coupling element apart and bring it all back to you.

I am not here to ask, who do you love? I want to know; what do you love doing? December is a great time for reflection yet as the positivity of New Year’s Eve passes, so do goals for many. The visual representation for this is the gym. In the first week of January, all the regular classes are fully booked and the gym is heaving.

One month later, everything is back to normal. Dropping off the goals wagon will not bring you closer to your (once) desired outcome. So what is it that keeps you going even when you want to quit? I think it is motivation powered by a strongly felt vision and a genuine love and passion for it.

A love for what you do does not need to be relegated to a hobby. We can all make money from our main job. As the saying goes, if you love what you do, you will never work another day again. However, the education system isn’t designed to nurture individuality, we are taught set things en masse. Is it any wonder then, that there are so many people who are unhappy with their jobs?

Money is needed to pay for everything and everyone strives for a decent quality of life. For that, you need to be earning decent money, but you don’t need to be miserable earning it. The inability or lack of confidence to be able to access the belief system provides a further hindrance. I’m not sitting here from the sidelines looking in as I say this. I get it and fully understand it.

However, if you believe that two random people can cross paths and fall in love, then you also have to believe that what you love doing will attract the right people or company who require that passion and skill.

Like attracts like. It is a universal law and definitely not solely governed by Cupid. All the things you love are clues to your purpose, what you should be doing. What do you love doing?  This Is the question to ask yourself,  if you are feeling stuck and unsure, in the month that is all about love.


Good luck on the journey to your best self.


Lisa x

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