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The television is turned off. It’s just me and these words being typed out on a white blank screen. My deadline to submit this column is today and I genuinely don’t know what I want to write so I am going with the flow.

When I write my PRECIOUS column each month I always start knowing the theme, but not today. It’s not writers’ block, I know what that feels like. My brain is simply saying “No.” and so I am greeted with silence, broken in intervals by my fingers tapping on the keyboard as I talk to myself and you at the same time.

I acknowledge my poor brain is tired of thinking, processing and reflecting. It does so much work for me and all it requires is adequate rest, which I haven’t been getting due to creative thoughts that seem to love appearing at 3am, for the past week.

So today my brain is giving me nothing. Actually no, that isn’t true. My brain is giving me nothing but also something at the same time because I am reminded that from nothing something can be created.

I accept ‘silly o’clock’ is the time my creative process begins, it is when I am relaxed and I have switched off. Right now the same thing is happening, the only key difference, is that it is not ‘silly o’clock’ and I resigned to the fact at the very start that I didn’t know what I wanted to say. Coming from a place of acceptance, no pressure and openness is enabling me to go with the flow, and as a result, I am now constructing in real-time and making connections, so this is where the article officially begins.

The saying goes “life is simple; we make it hard”. How often do we make things difficult due to doubt, excuses, forcing the issue and expectations for example? All we have to do is start and we can edit, adapt and re-route on the way, but many of us want it all figured out first and never begin.

We often tell ourselves that starting is the hardest part and that thinking is already setting us up to believe it will be difficult. If we were all to just start without any emotion, self-talk or attachment we would all be so much more successful. Do you agree?

We live in a world full of distractions. Know what yours are and get present to being comfortable with things that feel uncomfortable. Enjoy the silence, slow down, be still. Trust the process and know that after you start, the beginning has begun and the middle will be written with each step forward you take. Keep putting one foot in front of the other. You don’t need to stop and attempt to look at the road far ahead through imaginative binoculars, for some people what they see/envisage will scare them into self-sabotage or have anxiety about what they think is coming.

Change occurs every second, what you think may be ahead may not even come your way.  believe there is no wrong decision, just decisions that take you to different places, friends and networks which reminds me life is full of exciting mystery.

So no, I don’t always know and I am okay with that. From nothing, we can create anything and when we begin it sets off a chain of thinking and events that we could not be privy to or experience if we never began at all.

Accept that you don’t always know and you will be surprised at what you discover as a result. Less pushing more stillness.

Good luck on the journey towards your best self!


Lisa x

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