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A New Year has arrived bringing with it a new chapter and a new cycle of 365 days.

Lately, I have been thinking about circles. Not in a mathematical sense, more in relation to friendships, different groups and networks. Who we are is central to everything. We are a circle in itself. it starts with us;  who we are and what we do, extends out and attracts people who resonate with us. As a result, before we think about tribes and plans involving people, the centre of it all begins with us.

As you build (or maybe re-build) your circle, I share with you some of the lessons and principles I have learned over the years on the journey that I am still on.

  1. Surround yourself with people who love you
  2. Stay true to yourself and the vision you have
  3. With self-doubt comes compromise
  4. Harmony is more attainable than balance
  5. People who act jealous haven’t been able to access in themselves what they see in YOU
  6. Stress + Rest =growth and clarity
  7. You can be an entrepreneur whilst respecting the value of sleep!
  8. If you thought of the idea, it is do-able.
  9. Think what you think, but also challenge what you already know
  10. Admire and respect those further ahead, but don’t compare.
  11. Time is on your side if you believe that nothing for you will pass.


A New Year is here what do you want to do? Who do you want to be? Find the answers, work towards being the vision of your best self.

Happy New Year x

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