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How To Make A Good First Impression When Meeting Face-To-Face

Whether you’re meeting prospective clients, investors, or other business professionals, making a good first impression is key.

Why are first impressions important?

Put it this way, it sets the tone for your meeting and puts instant thoughts in the other person’s head. If someone instantly doesn’t trust you or thinks you’re unprofessional, then it won’t bode well. Conversely, making people think positively about you from the get-go can have an influence on any decisions they make. 

How do you make great first impressions? It’s way, easier than most people think!


Dress to impress

It may sound trivial, but the way you dress has a profound impact on the impression you give. This is a business meeting, so look professional. Turn up to a meeting with investors in joggers and a hoody, and your business plan will be taken as seriously as you look!  Make it your mission to look the part.

Make sure you smell nice

Again, it sounds very basic, but your scent can play a huge role in a first meeting. If you smell bad, then wave goodbye to any positive outcomes from the meeting.  Find yourself a Fragrance Direct discount code and pick a fragrance that reflects who you are. Your scent plays on people senses and can make them warm to you. 

Don’t be on time, be early

Make a point to be the one waiting for other people to arrive at a meeting. This shows a level of eagerness that people will respect. A surefire way to create a bad first impression is to turn up late. Doing this can almost render the meeting useless as your peers have already decided you’re unprofessional. Get off on the right food by being early all the time. 

Maintain good posture and be direct

If you slouch and round your shoulders, or look down at the floor, then what do you think this does to your image? How would you respond to someone that acts like this in a meeting? You might think they’re timid and shy and wonder what value they could possibly bring to the discussion? So, avoid doing this. Instead, maintain good posture by standing or sitting upright at all times. Look everyone in the eye and be direct when you talk. Instantly, you have a more commanding presence. People will feel like they’re talking to someone that’s confident and knows their stuff. 


First impressions count for a lot in business and in life! It can be very hard to change someone’s initial perception of you so focus on making that perception a positive one! We hope these tips help you make an excellent impression when meeting people face-to-face for the first time.

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