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Everything you want is already yours | Janet Mohapi-Banks

The latest column from our money mindset coach…

Believe it or not, everything in our current world started as an energetic thought that turned to physical matter through focus and attention. And every thought that you’ve ever had, you’ve attracted to you through the energetic state you are in.

But sometimes our dreams don’t materialise in the way that we’d like them to. So today’s article will address why that is and how you can change it.

Remembering what you’ve already manifested into your life helps to bring you back from doubt.

I’m so grateful to now be living a life that is a constant reminder of my consciously created reality. All I need to do is look out of my bedroom window at the view I envisioned for over a year before I got here and I’m instantly reminded of how powerful I am at manifestation.

But it wasn’t always the case.

For a long time my reality didn’t match the life in my imagination and although I thought I was doing the work, I realise now that I kept stepping off the path of what I truly wanted.

The doubt would creep in, the uncertainty would take hold and I would decide that what I was doing wasn’t working so “how about trying this instead?”

But every time I “tried that instead” I delayed the manifestations from materialising.

Doubt closes doors.

Uncertainty dilutes your vibration and lowers your frequency.

And deciding that “it isn’t working” is a guarantee that it won’t.

So set in your mind what it is that you want and KNOW that by virtue of you wanting it, it is already yours and lean into the excitement, joy, and “but of courseness” of getting it, having it, and living it.

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Lean into what you know you’ve already manifested, whether that’s a parking space, a handbag, or your dream apartment in your dream location, and know that you’re fully supported in achieving your desires.

Everything is conspiring to bring to you everything you want; but sometimes there’s a gap in time between the wanting and the getting that needs to be filled with trust.

So look for the evidence of it happening.

Remember what a powerful creator you are and hold steady in the decision you made in support of your vision.

Repeating daily affirmations or mantras that bolster your resolve in KNOWING that what you want is already yours is very helpful.  All beliefs are embedded through repetition or trauma, and as we don’t want to suffer through unnecessary trauma, repetition is obviously the way to go.

Try saying these to yourself every morning and every evening to get into the state of receiving and notice what comes up for you.  Notice the sensations in your body, and notice how true you believe the statements to be:

I AM worthy of having everything I want

I AM a powerful creator of my wonderful life

I AM prosperity

I AM wealth

I AM love

I AM overflowing bank accounts

I AM having more money than I need

I AM happiness

I AM joy

I AM success

The More you’re searching for is there.

When you learn to overcome your doubts around it and know in your soul that it’s already been created, you will see it in your physical reality.

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Janet Mohapi-Banks works with experienced and ambitious female entrepreneurs who want to create a legacy. Mixing metaphysics, mindset, and energy clearings she gets to the root of what’s really stopping them from stepping into their power and creating the business, life, and legacy they know is theirs but they just can’t seem to get to. Connect with Janet: www.janetmohapibankscoaching.com

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