Kayleigh is the founder of the high fashion sportswear brand, BIND London Ltd. She is a former teacher, who hustled her way from Teaching Assistant to Assistant Head Teacher in just seven years, before leaving her career to build her business. BIND London is the ‘go to’ brand for fitness and athleisure wear for 2020 and beyond. It specialises in headwear, that not only protects against sweat, heat, and moisture, but is the first brand of its kind to cater to all hair types and textures. As a woman of colour, Kayleigh has been on her fitness journey for seven years and natural hair journey for two years, and desired an item that would protect her curls when working out but couldn’t find anything suitable. BIND London showcases a variety of styles that make everyone feel included, whilst also keeping your style slaying. It uses fashion as a message of empowerment and reinvention, emphasised in the hashtag #braveboldbind.
image of Kayleigh, founder of bindlondon with copy of Vogue magazine

The story behind BIND London and why Rihanna’s Vogue cover mattered

What do you think of when you hear the word ‘durag’? Does Vogue magazine come to mind? Probably not. That’s why the latest Vogue cover was such a jaw dropping moment for me. Let me explain. My name is Kayleigh Benoit and I’m the founder of BIND London, a high-fashion sportswear brand. As someone passionate…