7 tools to help you leverage the power of Google for your business

Most entrepreneurs know about the importance of getting their website found in the top of Google search results to drive relevant traffic. But are you embracing the other tools that Google provides for businesses that can help you deliver more profit? Tim Butler, founder of Innovation Visual explains…


Google My Business (GMB)

google my business logoGMB gives you the ability to register your business location on Google Maps and local search results, displaying important information such as your business name, address, opening/closing times, phone number, website link and forthcoming events.

For example, a Google search like ‘coffee near me’, shows three coffee shops recommended to you based on your location. Those three businesses are now a step closer to attracting a new customer.

For: All business, but essential for any business where the customer comes to a physical location.


Google Analytics

Google Analytics (GA) is a vital free tool from Google to monitor the performance of your website. You’re able to monitor how many people are visiting your website, when they visit and how they are coming to your website. It will also offer insight for which of your website’s pages perform best in terms of attracting traffic and engaging the user. This helps you to identify how you should optimise other pages on your site to achieve similarly positive results.

For: Absolutely essential for all businesses with a website


Google AdWords

google ad wordsAdWords is an extremely powerful advertising tool giving your business the ability to promote your products or services on Google search results, YouTube and millions of websites. AdWords can target potential customers and secure new sales in a cost-efficient way.

You can see if someone clicked on your ad and whether they then proceeded to make a purchase, helping you work out your cost per acquisition to see if your campaigns are profitable.

For: Almost all businesses. Profit potential high when done well; done badly it’s costly


Google Shopping

Google Shopping gives you the ability to promote your products with an image, item name, merchant name and price.

Google Shopping is managed through Google Adwords but you also need a Google Merchant Center account with a data feed from your online store.

For: Essential for retailers that sell online



YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google! Do not ignore video, but also do not make videos for the sake of it.

Think about what videos would be useful for your customers, for example how to videos which use your products or video blogs where you discuss current trends in your industry. Make the videos, get them on YouTube and then tell people they are there.

For: All businesses, has great potential, but you need to publicise your videos


Google Translate Plugin

If your website has a global customer base, it makes sense to create a website in the same language as your customers’.

Google Translate offers instant, free translation. Admittedly, it’s not perfect, but it’s certainly a good start, especially if you want to launch a website quickly.

For: Businesses that may sell abroad, even occasionally


Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a fundamental webmaster tool and helps with search engine optimisation. It will provide you with important data directly from Google, improving your understanding of how the search engines view your website and how people find it.

You will be alerted of any errors on your website, such as broken pages, and is a fantastic tool to help highlight any problems that may negatively affect your rankings in Google search results. It even offers insights into issues with your websites’ user experience.

For: Businesses that are serious about customers finding them online and giving them a great website experience.


Tim Butler is the founder of Innovation Visual, a digital marketing consultancy specialising in developing your online presence and digital communications.

Connect:  https://www.innovationvisual.com/




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