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3 ways to increase your sales by changing your relationship with…sales |Ruth Alade

When I started my career in sales, I didn’t understand how big of a role mindset played in selling. I thought selling was all about strategy, skill and asking clever questions.

I paid very little attention to the mindset piece and it showed in my results – 100’s of sales calls with just a tiny number of people buying.

After what seemed like a million rejections, it finally dawned on me that the real underlying problem was that my thoughts about sales were very unhealthy and totally out of alignment with the very thing I wanted to do – sell!

Maybe you too have a poor relationship with sales and it’s playing out in your sales calls :

– Feeling that you’re being nosey by digging deep and asking your prospective clients thought provoking questions.

– Shutting down when your prospective client brings up an objection and hurriedly ending the call to avoid rejection.

– You feel shame around asking for the sale, because deep down, you’re equating it to taking away people’s money.

Can you relate?

Whenever you show up to your sales calls with thoughts like this, you give your power away.


You will ‘people-please’, say all the things your potential customer wants to hear. Or hold back, and of course they won’t buy and they’ll tell you that they ‘need to think about it’,
Which means that you lose another opportunity to get your amazing service, product or programme into the hands of someone who really needs it.

The quickest way to end this cycle is to change the way you think about
When you change the way you think about selling, you will change the way you feel and that will change the way you show up to a sales conversation.

Here are three steps to help you do that:’

Uncover all the disempowering thoughts you have about selling.
For you to change anything, you have to be aware of what needs to be changed.
Some of the thoughts we have about sales come from our childhood. As a child, at the dinner table, you might have heard your parents talk about the “annoying” salesperson who’s always trying to sell them something.
Unconsciously, that may have left an impression in your mind that selling is evil!
It could also be that some of the thoughts and beliefs you have about sales are from your own experiences with sales people trying to force something down your throat!
Bringing all these thoughts into your business of course sabotages your success and holds you back from making consistent sales.

Check in with yourself and ask yourself if your current thoughts about
sales are useful?

Are they serving you?
Are they helping you to show up powerfully?
When you realise all the ways that your current thoughts aren’t serving you, then it’s time to make a decision to drop them and embrace new empowering thoughts.

Create a new belief and practice thinking it.
Practicing a new empowering belief might feel very awkward and uncomfortable and that’s ok.
The discomfort happens because you’ve been used to one way of thinking.
It’s like sometimes when you try on a new shoe, it hurts and can be very
uncomfortable when you wear it the first time, right?
The same goes with when you’re trying to adopt a new thought.
In my case:
I started to practice seeing sales as an act of love to my
clients because I was giving them something that would change their lives!
I also started seeing sales as an act of inspiring my clients to take action towards their dream. It worked!

YOU have the power to decide to start thinking differently about sales. Will you use it?

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