4 Simple Ways Your Business Can Reach The Right Customers

Entrepreneurs may come across obstacles when starting a business, and this includes reaching customers across several divides. However, it is one thing reaching out to customers, and  another thing finding the right customers for your business.  There are some simple ways your business can reach the kind of customers you need.   Show up where…

PRECIOUS Nights Online | September 2020 edition

PRECIOUS Nights is a monthly event that gives you the opportunity to hear from previous PRECIOUS Award winners . Join us as they share the highs, lows and lessons of their journey and give actionable tips and advice. The evening is about storytelling, connecting, honesty and community in a unique atmosphere of collaboration and motivation….

Image of Janet M Banks

Your next level isn’t out there

It’s time to stop thinking about the competition and  take imperfect action, says our resident mindset coach, Janet Mohapi-Banks As we travel down this entrepreneurial journey, we sometimes collect skills and knowledge like they’re going out of fashion. Especially if you’re an online, service-based entrepreneur, the distraction and noise of social media platforms can be…