image of Ruth Oshikanlu

Movers and Shakers | Ruth Oshikanlu | Goal Mind

Ruth Oshikanlu is the founder of Goal Mind, ai coaching consultancy that helps individuals improve their performance at work and small businesses improve their profits through employee engagement.  Tune In To Your Baby is a subsidiary of Goal Mind, and supports pregnant women who have had assisted conception or previous pregnancy loss to enjoy their…

image of jennifer davis, leadership

What leadership means to me | Jennifer Davis

Here’s the latest in our leadership series. We’re asking a range of entrepreneurs, business owners, experts, women and men from a range of industries: ‘What Does Leadership Mean to You?’ Jennifer Davis, Parliamentary Assistant, replies. I used to be a boss If asked this question a few years ago my answer would have been different. Have…

image of Denise Rawls from, Hackney Hive

Column | Denise Rawls | Key tips for business from Bianca Miller-Cole

Denise Rawls is a seriously experienced business development consultant and founder of Hackney Hive. Denise is expert at helping SMEs make more money and impact with the resources they have. In her monthly column, she will share tips, advice and comment on all things marketing!   There are a zillion books out there on being…

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Movers and Shakers | Nicola Dady | Don’t Forget The Kids

Five years ago Nicola Dady set up Don’t Forget The Kids, a registered charity that supports children 0-17 who are touched by cancer or the bereavement of a loved one. They provide creative art peer support sessions and send care packages to those families that can’t access group support.www.dontforgetthekids.co.uk   What drove you to start Don’t…