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image of woman wearing bra against fence

In search of the right bra | Natalie Joseph

Picture this – you’re about to get dressed, you stand naked in front of the mirror, then stare hopelessly into your drawer full of stretched out, torn, discoloured, damaged or too small bras. If the truth be told all these bras have seen better days. Nonetheless, you’re left wondering which one of those tired looking…

image of Kayleigh, founder of bindlondon with copy of Vogue magazine

The story behind BIND London and why Rihanna’s Vogue cover mattered

What do you think of when you hear the word ‘durag’? Does Vogue magazine come to mind? Probably not. That’s why the latest Vogue cover was such a jaw dropping moment for me. Let me explain. My name is Kayleigh Benoit and I’m the founder of BIND London, a high-fashion sportswear brand. As someone passionate…

image of woman smiling

Nine tips to help your product-based business survive and thrive during COVID-19

During a time of uncertainty it’s important not to get overwhelmed or stressed out. I know that’s easy to say, so having a plan of action really helps. Below is a list of actions you can take to help you continue to make sales, gain new customers, clear overstocks and plan ahead. They will help…

image of Grace

Movers and Shakers | Grace Francis | DramEd

Grace Francis is the founder of DramEd, a company that creates creative educational experiences for families and children. DramEd celebrates performers and aims to play a significant role in making space for performing arts in childhood education. The company incorporates DramEd Educators, which deliver classes that teach core subjects through performing arts. Since launch they…