10 Reasons Why You Should Read Arlan Hamilton’s book right now | Beatrice Ngalula Kabutakapua

Arlan Hamilton’s book, It’s About Damn Time, is a collection of entrepreneurial tips and motivational suggestions. If you, like me, are on your own entrepreneurial journey, here are (at least) 10 reasons why you should read her book. Arlan Hamilton is the Founder and Managing Partner of Backstage Capital, a fund that is dedicated to…

woman-working-on sales

4 ways to increase sales in your product based business right now

As we enter the summer season in this new world of a global pandemic, it is important for those of us who run businesses to continue to focus on sales. Whether you are struggling for sales or your business is thriving, there is always something you can do to  help your business grow. When I…

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It’s time to rise up – and that means your prices too! | Janet Mohapi-Banks

How many times have you pitched an offer for your products and services and noticed that it is well below that of your competitors? As I was speaking with the amazing women that attended the June edition of PRECIOUS Nights, it seemed very clear that a lot of Black women were under charging for and…

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The Top Benefits of Leasing a Business Vehicle

When you are running a successful business there may become a time that need to get a business vehicle. Getting a panel van could make it easier to transport supplies, for example, rather than using your smaller family car. If you’re not sure whether to lease a company vehicle or not, check out these benefits…

How to get your first press feature | Tapiwa Matsinde

Your first press feature marks an exciting moment in your entrepreneurial journey. I still remember landing my first piece of press. The fact that someone believed in me enough to share my story marked a pivotal moment in how I saw and felt about myself as a business owner and the potential for my business….

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Designing your first office

When you run a business, you want a workplace which you can be proud of, and which is going to serve your business as well as possible. For many people, that will mean that they need to actually spend some time designing their own office, and if you are in this position then it is…

Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter

Dear Precious Community, I want to take a moment to acknowledge the events that have taken place over the last few weeks. I want to make a clear statement on behalf of myself and PRECIOUS. Like many of you, I have been hurting over the most recent outbursts of violence against Black bodies in the…

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Movers and Shakers | Claudine Thornhill

    Claudine is a Nutritional Therapist and Health Coach and founder of  Claudine J Thornhill Nutrition. The company provides nutrition and wellness programs that are focused on supporting women to balance hormones, manage their weight, feel more energised, manage cravings, thrive through stress and create balance and alignment between work, rest and play. Claudine…

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Tips and strategies to get through COVID-19 | Lisa Newton

It’s probably safe to say that when 2020 began, no-one could have foreseen the events that have since unfolded before our  eyes. One minute, I was looking forward to a friend’s 50th party in April (something he’d been planning for months) – next thing, everything had been paused, postponed or just cancelled altogether (he held…

women of colour meeting face to face

How To Make A Good First Impression When Meeting Face-To-Face

Whether you’re meeting prospective clients, investors, or other business professionals, making a good first impression is key. Why are first impressions important? Put it this way, it sets the tone for your meeting and puts instant thoughts in the other person’s head. If someone instantly doesn’t trust you or thinks you’re unprofessional, then it won’t…