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Stand tall, stand out, be seen | Precious Conference 2019

Our first ever conference builds on the success of the Precious Awards, now in their 13th year. The theme is  VISIBILITY – ‘How to stand tall, stand out and be seen’. Precious Conference 2019 is dedicated to inspiring, mentoring and empowering women of colour at work and in business through talks, workshops and a panel discussion….

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Event: Facebook Drop Out To Fabulous Sell Out

Join us at the British Library for this interactive Masterclass where Brenda Gabriel, publicity and business strategist, will show you how to use Facebook to grow your business. 80% of Google search results are organic which means with Facebook ranking at no. 3 in the world, there is a huge opportunity to grow your business…

Movers and Shakers | Michelle Moore | Moore Development Consultancy

  Michelle Moore is a former athlete, educator and now a performance consultant, helping organisations and individuals to become high-performing and more inclusive in their practice. Her consultancy company, Moore Development helps to create solutions for people and organisations, providing a number of services including coaching and mentoring, event management, inspirational speaking and specialist consultancy. Her expertise…