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Stand tall, stand out, be seen | Precious Conference 2019

Our first ever conference builds on the success of the Precious Awards, now in their 13th year. The theme is  VISIBILITY – ‘How to stand tall, stand out and be seen’. Precious Conference 2019 is dedicated to inspiring, mentoring and empowering women of colour at work and in business through talks, workshops and a panel discussion….

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Movers and Shakers | Elaine Powell | Peak Performance & Public Speaking Coach

Elaine Powell is an award-winning professional Speaker, Peak Performance & Public Speaking Coach. She founded  SWC Training & Consultancy five years ago.  The company is dedicated to equipping individuals and organisations with the mindset to perform at their best and unleash their greatness through public speaking, leadership and peak performance.  This is facilitated through seminars, workshops…

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Five tips to turn your speaking fear into your friend | Lyn Roseaman

A fear of public speaking is something we learn – not something we are born with. So, we can equally learn to quash the debilitating nerves and harness the good nerves – the ones that give us positive energy and presence on stage.  To achieve this, we need to re-programme our mindset and make friends…