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Movers and Shakers | Elaine Powell | Peak Performance & Public Speaking Coach

Elaine Powell is an award-winning professional Speaker, Peak Performance & Public Speaking Coach. She founded  SWC Training & Consultancy five years ago.  The company is dedicated to equipping individuals and organisations with the mindset to perform at their best and unleash their greatness through public speaking, leadership and peak performance.  This is facilitated through seminars, workshops…

Movers and Shakers | Vanessa Sanyauke | CEO | Girls Talk London

Vanessa Sanyauke is CEO of Girls Talk London, a social enterprise that connects young girls and women with senior women and men in various professions through informal events, programmes, an interactive website and online TV channel. Their aim is to increase the number of young girls and women entering competitive industries and to ensure they…

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Movers and Shakers | Emily Jupp-Eastwood | Milly J Shoes

Emily Jupp-Eastwood ( Known as Milly J) is the force behind Milly J Shoes ® & Bridal Shoes By Milly J. She solely hand creates and designs Strikingly Unconventional Art to Wear Shoes & Shoe Sculptures, mostly with a highly bespoke element. She has been in business since 2013.      Emily in her studio What drove you…