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Diary of a Start Up Brand | The up’s and downs of starting a business independently

I remember the feeling I had when I hopped down to WH Smith on Clapham High Street to buy a flip chart , diary and highlighter pens. It was late September 2018. The fire inside my belly ignited as I envisioned how I would change the world with my lingerie. The decision to start my…

image of natalie joseph

Diary of a Start-up Brand | Natalie Joseph

After bullding a successful career as a hair stylist, Natalie Joseph decided to follow her dream to develop a lingerie brand designed for women with fuller busts. Natalie’s mission is to make women  feel confident, sexy, supported and comfortable at all times. Natalie Joseph Lingerie is expected to launch Autumn/Winter 2020. We’re delighted that Natalie…

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In search of the right bra | Natalie Joseph

Picture this – you’re about to get dressed, you stand naked in front of the mirror, then stare hopelessly into your drawer full of stretched out, torn, discoloured, damaged or too small bras. If the truth be told all these bras have seen better days. Nonetheless, you’re left wondering which one of those tired looking…