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Movers and Shakers | Grace Francis | DramEd

Grace Francis is the founder of DramEd, a company that creates creative educational experiences for families and children. DramEd celebrates performers and aims to play a significant role in making space for performing arts in childhood education. The company incorporates DramEd Educators, which deliver classes that teach core subjects through performing arts. Since launch they…

Movers and Shakers | Kymberlee Jay | DoodleDirect

Kymberlee Jay is the founder of DoodleDirect www.doodledirect.com an animation production company that creates powerful marketing messaging and stories for brands. What drove you to start your own business? I started my own business to allow me to do what I love whilst being able to pay my bills. I enjoy the challenges that running a business…

image of Michaela Alexander, publlisher of the book Miles and Mia

Movers and Shakers | Michaela Alexander | Miles and Mia

Michaela Alexander is the founder of Miles & Mia, an independent creative company that provides fun educational tools. She is the author of Miles & Mia A-Z book,  a book series based on the real-life adventures of her children, that aims to bring diverse representation of characters in children’s books. She launched her business just ten…