image of Freddie Harrell

Big Hair No Care Opens at Pop Brixton

Style influencer, Freddie Harrel, has launched her first retail store for her debut hair line at Big Hair No Care @ Pop Brixton. The store aims to be a fun, welcoming hub for the natural hair community and is set to become a community hot spot for creative and entrepreneurial women of colour to connect…

image of Tessy Ojo, CEO, The Diana Award

11 values that underpin my leadership journey | Tessy Ojo | CEO The Diana Award

Enjoy the latest in our leadership series. We ask a range of entrepreneurs, business owners, experts, women and men from a range of sectors and industries: ‘What Does Leadership Mean to You?’ Tessy Ojo, CEO of The Diana Award, replies. I have been in organisational leadership roles for over 17 years and have learnt that leadership…

Ronke Adeyemi from Brown Beauty and Jamila Robertson from Slapp

Winners announced for PRECIOUS Hair and Beauty Awards

 The winners’ have been announced for the very first  PRECIOUS Hair and Beauty Awards. The event took place at WeWork Moorgate with drinks sponsored by lingerie brand beingu  Hosted by PRECIOUS columnist and blogger, Lisa Bent, the event applauded the products, innovation and blogs created by British women of colour, often the unseen pioneers’ within the hair…

image of brenda gabriel

Event: Facebook Drop Out To Fabulous Sell Out

Join us at the British Library for this interactive Masterclass where Brenda Gabriel, publicity and business strategist, will show you how to use Facebook to grow your business. 80% of Google search results are organic which means with Facebook ranking at no. 3 in the world, there is a huge opportunity to grow your business…

image of Patrice Lawrence, Orange Boy

A Book That Changed my Life | Patrice Lawrence

We all hold memories of books that have sparked our imagination, but is there one special book that has changed your life? We asked the author, Patrice Lawrence to tell us  about a book that had a huge impact on her. Here’s what she shared… Black Looks: Race and Representation by bell hooks The writer who…

image of Lisa Bent

Lisa Bent | Inside Out | In the Valley

The UK General Election takes place on 8th June 2017. It’s everywhere and it can’t be ignored so it makes sense that I highlight it in this month’s article. I am frustrated that we are here again so soon and I am disappointed that the Prime Minister, Theresa May didn’t want to do a live…