image of Joanna Abeyie

Movers and Shakers | Joanna Abeyie | Founder & MD at Hyden, SThree

Continuing our series of profiles on women of colour making their mark in industry and business. Joanna founded the award-winning creative industry diverse talent recruitment business Shine Media in 2009, which recently morphed into Hyden as part of leading global recruiter SThree PLC. Hyden is a champion of diverse senior leadership talent in the creative…

image of jessica elliot on her wedding day

Where is the diversity in bridal magazines? | Jessica Elliot

Last year my partner Kevin and I got married. Soon after we announced our engagement, I excitedly rushed out and bought a selection of wedding magazines that I hoped would give me some inspiration for my big day. Sadly, I was pretty disappointed that in this day and age the magazines that I bought didn’t feature…

image of Irenosen Okojie

A Book That Changed My Life | Irenosen Okojie

We all have memories of books that have sparked our imagination, but is there one special book that has changed your life? We asked writer, Irenosen Okojie to share a book that had a huge impact on her. Here’s what she shared… There have been many books that have changed my life. It’s difficult to single…

image of Michaela Alexander, publlisher of the book Miles and Mia

Movers and Shakers | Michaela Alexander | Miles and Mia

Michaela Alexander is the founder of Miles & Mia, an independent creative company that provides fun educational tools. She is the author of Miles & Mia A-Z book,  a book series based on the real-life adventures of her children, that aims to bring diverse representation of characters in children’s books. She launched her business just ten…