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What Do Your Customers Really Want?

Are you focusing too much on what you want from your business – rather than what your customers want? A successful business relies on happy customers, that doesn’t mean that the customer is always right, but listening to your customers is. We’re all customers to other people’s businesses and it’s important to think about what…

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5 Marketing Mistakes You Need To Stop Making Right Now

There are some marketing mistakes that can cause severe damage to your business. Here are five common mistakes and tips on what you can do to correct them.  Marketing without a strategy It’s important that your marketing has a strategy behind it and that you’re not just throwing out ideas randomly and seeing what works….


5 Ways to Reach Out to More Customers Online

There are plenty of online marketing channels for small businesses that don’t cost the earth. If you also make the effort to understand your customers more, you’ll be able to develop your marketing strategy and improve your service. Here are five ways to reach out to more customers online to suit your budget.  Email marketing…

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The time to stand up is now | Janet Mohapi-Banks

There was this crazy thing that happened to me in my previous business. On one hand I wanted so much more than I had, but on the other I didn’t feel worthy enough of having what I already had. Every time I tried to push forwards into even greater success, the panic and fear of…